Soil Enhancement Services

Soil Enhancement


You may not think treating your trees and shrubs is essential, but plants need food just like turf. For your plants to look their best, proper soil amenities are essential. It is important that trees receive the nutrients necessary to live and thrive. When your soil is deficient of nutrients, your trees will not reach their full landscape potential. Let our team help you protect your investment.

Soil enhancement helps landscapes reach their full potential

Benefits of Soil Enhancement

When your trees are healthy, they are better equipped to fight off diseases naturally and to withstand the climate change we experience in our area. Perfecturf Lawncare’s soil enhancement offers the proper micronutrients necessary to keep trees growing strong year after year. 

Tree Application Process 

When our team treats your trees and shrubs, we use an organic, liquid-based product that is injected into the ground with our spray tanks. We use a calibrated and pressurized injection gun spike to get the nutrients down into the rootzone. 

When Should I Have My Trees Treated?

Depending on the specific treatment program we recommend, our controlled-release nutrients can be applied in the spring or fall seasons — whenever the plants need it and when they can readily absorb the nutrients with their roots. Both seasons offer great benefits.

Let us inspect your trees and provide the plant care resources you need to keep your investment looking great.

Perfecturf Provides Organic Soil Injections


Slow-release Nutrients For Trees