Fertilization and Weed Control Services

Fertilization & Weed Control


With Perfecturf Lawncare’s fertilization and weed control treatments, your lawn will get the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and lush throughout the year. All our fertilizer programs are specially designed to produce optimal season-long performance, using only the best custom-blended fertilizers. These fertilizer programs provide plant-essential nutrients using the most advanced controlled-release products. 

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Professional Lawn Fertilization Services 

In addition to weed control treatments, lawns need fertilizer to reach their full potential. Fertilizer replaces and restores the natural nutrients found in your soil so your lawn can grow and remain lush and healthy.

Our team of experienced lawn care experts will perform a free lawn analysis to create a turf treatment schedule that considers your soil condition to provide a healthy lawn all season long.


Broadleaf Weed Control

Seasonal Weed Control

Several common weeds infest lawns throughout the season. Grassy weeds (like crabgrass) and broadleaf weeds (like dandelion, clover, and others) emerge throughout different times of the season. We provide whole lawn applications to prevent, and eliminate these weeds before they emerge, as well as spot treatment if any should happen to appear.

Superior Products - Guaranteed Results 

At Perfecturf Lawncare, we help you keep your lawn, and plants looking full and green as the seasons go by. Using only the most superior products to get optimal results, our treatments replace the nutrients in your lawn’s soil to support ongoing growth and help fight off external threats like weeds and lawn diseases.