Plant Health Care Services

Plant Health Care


Following an agronomic plan with proactive monitoring of plants for insect or pathogen activity is key to keeping plants healthy. Complete analysis for determining a treatment plan for existing plants is the basis of a healthy plant and the long-term protection of your investment.

Dying plants due to diseases, fungi, and pests

Identifying Tree Disease & Other Plant Health Issues

Depending on the types of plants and trees in your yard, you may face several diseases, fungi, and pests. When plants are sick or not performing as they should, it is noticeable. Here are some of the warning signs of tree disease or pest attacks you should look for with your plants:

  • Yellow or nutrient deficient leaves
  • Small, pale yellow spots that turn bright orange
  • Black dots covering leaves
  • Leaf or needle drop
  • Browning of leaves or needles
  • Any signs of a dying tree such as branch or twig dieback

Pests on Trees & Plants

Each season, it seems there is a new pest invading our area. Our team is always a step ahead when it comes to a solution! If you think your trees or shrubs may have an insect issue like Japanese beetles, Emerald Ash Borer, spider mites, or any other harmful pest, contact us so we can take a look and develop a long-term plan.

Tree Pest Control

Diseases Affect Trees & Plants

Besides living pests, your trees and plants may be impacted by various plant and tree diseases. Leaf spot caused by fungi or bacteria, rust disease and apple scab are just a few of the diseases that can affect your trees and shrubs in our area. 

With our soil enhancement programs, we are promoting healthy, sustainable annual feeding, growth, enhanced flowering, and proper health and vigor. Through a variety of treatment (trunk and soil injections, growth regulators, etc.) our team will ensure that your plants look great and grow healthy for years to come.

Leaf spots caused by fungi or bacteria